1. M

    Absolutely needing help

    hey guys, This is my first big planted high tech tank. I don’t think it’s cycled as it has 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and 0 nitrate according to API master test kit. Ive fried fish less cycling adding a bunch of fish food but not getting an ammonia spike probably because of the dense planting using...
  2. J

    110 Gallon w/ CO2 - first tank in over a decade

    My last planted tanks were a 29 and a 10 with some moss, java fern, a few struggling swords, etc. I was amazed at the improvements I saw in water quality, livestock, and maintenance with even a sad little collection of plants and a crappy light. Ever since then I've been watching the hobby...
  3. D

    Wanted: Driftwood For Sale

    hey all, anyone know of some manzanita driftwood for sale around Hawthorne, california? or if its possible to get a large box of driftwood from Mr. Barr still? thanks in advance
  4. Tom Barr

    For Sale: Driftwood Sales

    Note, I sell only wholesale amounts of wood these days. Do not send me a picture of a piece you want etc and ask how much for this. I do not sell individual pieces, I do sell pallet loads and provide freight services for shipping. I do not take pictures of each and every little piece. In some...
  5. Angelyn

    Wanted: Dsm Friendly Plants (easy), Emergent Plants, Ohko (dragon) Stone, Manzanita Driftwood

    Okay so howdy y'all, I'm from northern Illinois. I'm currently working on my second walstad tank setup that's 55g, I'd prefer DHG and S repens for the dsm as well as moss to attach to the driftwood (I want it to be so it's partially emerged as well) . I've been having a hell of a time finding...
  6. Harlequin Rasbora

    Wanted: Manzanita Driftwood For 60p Tank (24"l). Northern California

    Hi All, I'm looking to procure hardscape for a new 60p tank in Northern California. Dimensions L x W x H: 23.7" x 11.9" x 14.2" Volume: 17.1 Gallons. Design inspiration from aquariumdesigngroup: Check attachment. Please reply if you have any to sell at an affordable price.
  7. Fewater

    Algae Or Mold? Emersed Driftwood Issue

    Hi everyone. I have had a 29G Aqueon setup in an emersed tank with a bit of UG, Crypt, Java Fern & Java Moss going for about two weeks now. Overhead, I have two small Current Satellite Pro Plus units on a mount by Current. Around the perimeter I installed some irrigation nozzles and I built a...
  8. Mo Sayed

    How To Make Diy Tree Or Diy Driftwood

    Hey Guys, Is there is a way to make DIY tree or driftwood. what I mean is if I have some small tree in my yard, Can I take it and put it in my aquarium?
  9. Z

    Wanted: Manzanita Driftwood For A 29 Gallon Tank

    looking for any types of manzanita driftwood that would work for a 29 gallon tank. The dimensions are 30”L x 12”W x 18”H. Let me know what you have, thanks!
  10. G

    Driftwood Help

    Hey everyone, Recently had the time to go driftwood hunting at a local lake and found a couple awesome pieces. I would like to use them in future scapes, but don't really know what type of wood it is. I also worry about if it's safe to add (I know cedar is semi-taboo). Any ideas on what type...
  11. Jro

    Huge Driftwood - New 110g Tall Setup

    Hey Gang, My wife got a new 125 gallon tall so that means I get her 90 gallon. Exciting! I have a piece of Malaysian driftwood someone gave to me years ago and I've been wanting to really use it. I couldn't until now because it is pretty big. It is about 33" wide by 11" deep and 20" high...