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Recent Comments

  1. Christophe
    It's four inches longer and two inches lower than a standard 75 gallon tank. It was a weird space that I wanted to fill entirely, couldn't have done it right with one standard tank or another.
  2. DutchMuch
    The tank looks so much smaller in your journal, almost like its five gallons. But in this image you have things to compare it to, and its not small that's for sure!
  3. DutchMuch
    Thanks Jason, I just made an album so I didn't have to constantly spam the gallery, I know for some that may be annoying.
  4. Jason
    It's fine here :) For reference, the album's allow you to set one of four different viewing permissions. Public Private/self only Members only Share by invite. If you are using the images for...
  5. Jason
    It's working :)