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Rotala Butterfly Calculators

  1. Rotala Butterfly Support & Feedback Forum

    Support, Feedback, Translations
  2. Planted Tank Nutrient Dosing Calculator

    EI - Estimative Index, EI daily, EI Low Light / Weekly, PPS Pro - Perpetual Preservation System, PMDD - Poor Man's Dosing / Dupla Drops, Dose to reach a target and Result of your dose.
  3. Planted Tank Nutrient Accumulation Calculator

    Nutrient accumulation results, plant uptake over a period of time.
  4. Planted Tank Light Calculator

    Calculate your PAR.. CF, LED (Cree), LED (EcoSmart), LED (BML), Metal Halide, Spriral CF (Horiz), Spriral CF (Vert), T-5 (HO), T-8 / T-5NO, T-12.
  5. Planted Tank Co2 Calculator

    Based on the CO2/PH chart this calculator will assist you in finding your CO2 PPM.
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