Algae Or Mold? Emersed Driftwood Issue


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Oct 29, 2018
Hi everyone.

I have had a 29G Aqueon setup in an emersed tank with a bit of UG, Crypt, Java Fern & Java Moss going for about two weeks now. Overhead, I have two small Current Satellite Pro Plus units on a mount by Current. Around the perimeter I installed some irrigation nozzles and I built a miniature greenhouse - in my apartment - to house said setup, as well as some other house/outside plants and a bunch of water.
My issue is that one of the driftwood centerpieces, a 24-inch piece that just barely squeezed in, seems to be covered in a speckled and spotted algae or mold. I am assuming it's likely mold, but I can't really be sure. I've tried repeatedly spritzing with a diluted H202 mixture and have twice now tried wiping the areas down with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol, without any luck yet.
When preparing the driftwood (sourced on Amazon from a wholesaler), I tried my best to soak it in boiling water a few times. I also ran my RO waste water through container. My theory is that this is the piece of wood I couldn't boil long/hot enough to kill whatever was left in there. I'm wondering if anyone can explain what this may be; how can you be sure? If not, any ideas how I can find out? Happy to answer any questions or go into detail
I may have gone overboard in an attempt to create a good environment but, where I live, it's pretty dull in the winter. Fingers crossed, I'm hoping this little project turns into a bright pastime. I really do think the plants seem to be doing fine, and I've got more UG coming to fill in the carpet a bit quicker. Regardless, the tank needs to and should look good with the driftwood pieces, as long as they aren't harmful. Any advice is really appreciated.


Tim Harrison

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Jul 7, 2017
Looks like mould to me. It's usually self-limiting, so it'll probably disappear by itself, eventually.
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