Worried about BBA break out....


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Oct 26, 2007
Brisbane, Australia
Hi Guys,

My Aqua Medic OR2500 pump has been making a hell of a raquet. The straw that broke the camels back was when a non-aquarium-hobby friend of mine came over and asked if I had a generator running........ ;-)

So, I pulled the pump apart, ensured it was clean etc etc, and put it into a bucket of clean water for some experiments.

Turning the pump on with absolutlely no load was fine, the pump was nice and quiet.

But, as soon as I even wave my hand in front of the water outflow, the pump starts making a buzzing sound. The harder I push my hand over the outflow, the louder the noise.

Funny, my cheap $40 Aqua One pump doesn't do this. I can completely cover the water outflow on it and it won't make a sound.

Anyway, in use the pump makes a raquet as the CO2 venturi is running the tone of the buzzing kinda changes etc etc.

I wrote to Aqua Medic, and they wrote back to me and acknowledged that there was a problem with the pump impellor being too loose. Currently I am trying to wrap some teflon tape around the shaft but I'm not having any luck as the impeler is already a tight fit over the shaft, so I'm not sure where the vibration (I guess it's vibration) is coming from....

Has anybody else had a similar experience...not necessarily with the same brand of pump, but any other pump of the same type??? I would be very interested to know....

So, the pump is off at the moment, I don't have an alternative pump, so, CO2 is off as well.

Now I'm worried that while it might take a week or so to get this sorted and up-and-running again, I'm going to get a massive BBA outbreak.

Am I up-sh*t-creek here or, short of turning the lights off, is there something I can do to prevent a break out? I'm thinking not.........my tank has finally started looking good but I'm sick of the noise!!!!

I'm starting to think AM is actually just overpriced crap.....but I could be wrong??
Maybe I'm just unlucky here?



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May 23, 2009
Only have cheap pumps here, Sonic AP1600 had the same problem from
the start. And since the smaller model (AP1200) didn't has this problem.
So I bought 2 more of AP1200 and hooked the three AP1200's in serial.
No noise at all even when the hose is completely close.
I think it's manufacturing problem.


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Sep 8, 2008
You could dose excel in the meantime, personally I wouldn't trust it too much, I think I'd cut the lighting way back till it's back up and running...


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida

No, you are not up any creek unless you do nothing......THEN you are screwed lol

A couple of things you can do....

1. A daily 50% or larger water change.
2. Continue EI. No issue with the daily WC anyway.
3. Excel daily.
4. Get the c02 ASAP lol
5. LOWER the light and/or the duration.

It is not really hard to get the tank looking good again after the c02 is back on.

When you get it back let us know. We can than devise a plan for that in case. You may be surprised that it bounces back quick or is not as bad as you feared.

I don't think AM line is bad, just this pump. They did acknowledge it was a known defect, no?

Hope this helps.


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Oct 26, 2007
Brisbane, Australia
When I wrote to Aqua Medic about the problem, they wrote back with this:

...the problem is the impeller. The wheel is very loose and that causes the noise. If you have some teflontape, take the impeller from the shaft and wrap some teflontape around the shaft (not too much, you must try that). Push the impeller back on the shaft. Or contact your local dealer for a new impeller.

I have emailed the online store where I bought the pump, but haven't heard back from them yet. But that's cool, I'm sure they will get back to me soon.

I tried out the teflontape option, but the shaft already is a perfect fit inside the impeller - putting the tape on their will most certainly prevent it from turning properly. I've mentioned this to Aqua Medic but haven't heard back from them again yet. I look forward to hearing from them, I want to get this solved obviously. Maybe I have discovered a new issue with the pumps?

Thanks for the advice on the tank. I'll do my best with the maintenance etc. If I get a bit of BBA I won't stress too much, once the CO2 is good again, with a bit of trimming I am sure I can get back on top of it.



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Jun 21, 2009
Surprise, AZ
Excel May Be Easier

Hi Scott,

I agree with Gerry (but then, don't we all). ;)

For the record I have been experimenting with Excel and have been rather amazed by the performance. (I haven't done this long term, so early days.)

I have also used major as in three day a week 70% water changes, full week macronutrient dosing at each water change, full week micronutrient the next day and have had amazing results with no additional CO2.

The Excel is I think easier. :D

I think I recall reading Tom Barr or someone smart rating Excel as a 7 or 8 out 10 as compared to CO2. I agree it might even for some plants be better than that.