worms in algea

Please help!!!! I don't know what this is but in the slimy algea on the glass there seems to be little white worms in the algea. The Cyrano (sp?) seems to have dissappeared but this new thing popped up as well as my water turned green. I have been using a UV filter for 2 days and it has gotten better. I have also used a diatom filter and it improved a little but I don't know whether or not a large water change will help? Also the only thing that seems to pearl is the algea. Thanks in advance.

55 gallon
260 watts cf
pressurized co2 (misted) through a powerhead
aquaclear 500
second powerhead on other side of tank


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Jan 15, 2009
That's going to be a bit tough to keep up with that much light on the tank. How long have you had the tank running and have you been running into algae issues the whole time? What's your dosing schedule and how much do you dose at a time?



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Sep 23, 2007
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I agree with shoggoth43 that your light is driving a high demand for c02 that is not being met...

CF lights produce more than T12 and more than you think based on 'your' eyes..

Can you please provide more details on the hardware of the tank? What type of light fixture, bulb configuration, dosing, filters, maintenance, etc.

I bet it is low c02 but we will see...

Small white worms may be planaria...these sometimes indicate overfeeding or perhaps a dirty or undersized filter? You may be keeping koi in there for all we know and overwhelming your filtration :)