Will These Led Give Me Medium Light?


New Member
Aug 30, 2019
Hi guys.

I am looking into getting medium light in my 325 liter aquarium. It measures 50x50x130 cm. For this I am looking at the Akvastabil Lumax Plant, the 123 cm long version. These are readily available in Denmark and not insanely expensive. And they can be glued into the hood of my tank with silicone. But I am wondering if two of these would give me a medium light level. They are only 38 W each, but claim to give 120 Lumen/W. This would mean 30 Lumen/Liter for my tank. But I keep wondering if it's enough considering the depth of the tank, and 76 W sounds very little. But it's the Lumen that counts right? And 30 Lumen/Liter is medium light right?