Will I start something bad by introducing bga into a tank?


Guru Class Expert
Jun 8, 2007
I have a 10g that I've had major issues in the past with bga. It's pretty well cleaned up now but my poor val has algae on it and the plant is gradually dying. Actually it's been dying ever since I got it a few months ago, the leaves turn yellow at the tips and it spreads up to the base and the leaf dies. I tried using peroxide to clean it off and just plain scrubbing, and cutting off all affected yellow leaves, but I can't get it off and it's continuing to grow on this plant. Maybe it's not even algae doing it but it can't be helping. I've been running co2 for the past few days too and the plant is pearling but the algae is getting worse. I also have a few other plants that have some algae on them too, I'm not sure if it's bga or not, it might just be green but it's hard to get off without harming the plant. I have another 32g I just set up and it hasn't ever seen bga before and I hope to keep it that way, but I have a pleco in it who's doing a great job cleaning up the algae thus far. So my question is: If I move these algae ridden plants into the 32g for a couple of days for my pleco to clean up, will I run the risk of introducing bga to the tank? Or will it not matter because it's always there anyway? I considered moving the pleco into the 10g for a night too but I don't really want to risk the stress. I think in the end I'm going to get a couple of oto's for the 10g but in the interim, my plants aren't doing so well.