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which blue light do u prefer to combine with Aquaflora ?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by farhad.t, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. farhad.t

    farhad.t Junior Poster

    Nov 23, 2014
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    8:33 PM
    Hi to all ,
    this is my first topic

    Dear Mr. barr ,
    thank you for your informative website and for your support, if I bothered you I apologize.:love_heart:

    i want to select blue light about 440~460nm peak .
    it is only available in my country but I think the high intensity & minimum 15000k to 22.000k in these bulb :

    Giesemann Aquablue+

    Giesemann Lagoon Blue
    A rich turquoise blue approximating to 16-17000 Kelvin

    Giesemann Actinic+

    but i search & found these bulbs :

    JBL 9000 Natur

    Aqua medic reef white 10.000k

    Aqua medic reef white 15.000k .
    it's similar than ATI aqua blue Special but ATI is 12000k reef white 15000k !!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have 2xaqua flora , 1xjbl color (~650nm peak)

    i have 2 question :
    1- 15000k is right to combine this or not?
    2- which one do u prefer & why ?

    Thanx for help.

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