Where to buy acrylic or glass boxes?


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Jan 15, 2009
I'm looking around to see if it's possible to just buy a couple of small acryllic, or maybe glass boxes. I was thinking of something like a 24"x1"x6" deep box for an internal overflow and a somewhat narrower but "thicker" external box. The idea would be to drill them and the tank and then clamp them on/into the tank with a couple of bulkhead fittings and some gaskets, possibly with a little silicone to help seal and support. Yes, silicone won't really adhere all that well to the acryllic/lexan, but the bulkheads should be doing most of the holding anyway and I'm not planning on hanging more than a couple of gallons at most on the outside box. The inner box should largely be self supporting as the water in the tank should keep it planted on the wall and it should only ever hold any water/weight during a water change if there's an inch or so of water in it.

As my current fabrication skills would be somewhat less than competent ( to put it politely ) I figured it might be easier to buy something like these in smoked glass or smoked lexan or whatever. At the moment I'm somewhat stymied as to where to even begin looking to get these.



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Jun 21, 2009
Surprise, AZ
Check The Big Box, Hardware & Glass Stores


I bought some acrylic (pricey!:eek:) at Lowes awhile back.:)

They also cut it with a great deal of precision.:)