What to do with a tank while on holidays?


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Feb 20, 2009
So its that time again, to get away from it all and go on holidays. I am going to be going out of town for a few week and was wondering what would be the best thing for my planted tank while I am gone. Can I just stop dosing turn most the lights off and hope for the best? Should I keep my co2 rocking?



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Mar 5, 2009
I'd like also the best advice for this.

The major problem will be compensating for evaporation. A timer or even better an electric level detector would solve it

I would say, dose 3-5 x EI, put the lights on very low and also decrease CO2 not to gaz fish, and hope for the best


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Sep 23, 2007
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When I go away, I tend to do the following based on the duration of the time away:

1. Do several large water changes prior to leaving.
2. Feed the fish some nice live food if possible and feed well so they have some fat reserves...
3. Lower the light duration to about 6 hours total.
4. Ensure your c02 bottle is full and will not run out while you are gone. You can leave the c02 on, just adjust the timer to coincide with the new lighting schedule.
5. Clean your filters and sponges a couple days before you leave to ensure they are running optimally.
6. Just before you leave, fill the tank to the brim for evaporation. Making the room cooler will also help lessen the evaporation. If you have a sump, fill it to the max level.
7. Dose some extra ferts the day you leave. The overdosing will NOT harm anything.

If going for more than 3 days, I usually have someone at least come in and sprinkle some food and refill for any evaporation loss.

I have gone away for 2 weeks and my buddy and his daughter (who know nothing about fish) were able to follow detailed written instructions on feeding AND dosing, plus filling the sump when I had one.

Don't forget to leave a contact # in case they have questions.

Hope this helps.