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What the latest version of Burr dosage?

Discussion in 'Advanced Strategies and Fertilization' started by nicpapa, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. nicpapa

    nicpapa Guru Class Expert

    Mar 2, 2012
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    5:44 PM
    Haha i read somewhere that someone dose 5.5version of Burr... :)
    I stay alitle back...what is the safe version?
    We must make a trace element and call them burr trace elements.. :)
  2. Greggz

    Greggz Lifetime Members
    Lifetime Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    5:44 PM
    I've been dosing Burr V5.15 for the past few weeks. That being said, since Burr has been in mad scientist mode lately, it's probably already yesterdays news.

    Fe - .15 ppm
    Mn - .075 ppm
    B - .039 ppm (via boric acid)
    Zn - .027 ppm
    Mo - .0013 ppm
    Cu - .002 ppm

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