What Kind Of Algae Is This One???


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May 17, 2011
Tyler, Texas
I need help with an “algae” (not sure it’s actually an algae) in my moss tank. It is a 29 gallon low tech tank that has been established for about a year. There are some snails and about 15 small gold tetras in the tank.

The ammonia and nitrite are 0. The nitrates are between 10-20ppm. Ph is ~7.4.

This white “algae” grows on the underside of the manzanita where it is shaded from light, it seems non-photosynthetic. It is absolutely white. It it not fuzzy like a typical fungi or mold. It looks like staghorn but it is COMPLETELY white. It scrapes off easily, but grows back full in a week. I’ve only had very little success using excel directly on it or spot treating with hydrogen peroxide. Any help identifying the issue and suggestions for treatment would be very helpful.

Jul 17, 2017
It's almost definitely a fungus. It's a bit odd for it to appear after a year but maybe it's been there the whole time and has now grown enough to try to fruit. I don't have any solution beyond leave it be until it's used up the easily digestible part of the wood and goes away on it's own.