Wet/Dry Filter


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Sep 19, 2005
Hi All,
I just purchased a 125 gallon tank that is Reef Ready (RR). I have decided to run this system using 3 tanks, the 125, a 55, and a 25 gallon sump. The reason for the 55 gallon is so I can run lights 24 hours a day (12 hours on the 125 the opposite 12 hours on the 55). The 55 gallon will be a plant only tank. I am new to using a sump system and was wondering if anyone has any advice on setting up a system like this. I have heard others complain of high CO2 loss when running a wet/dry system, so I am planning to have both aquaria fairly tightly covered and the sump comes with a cover too, is there anything else I can do to mitigate CO2 loss? Also, while the 125 is RR, the 55 is not, and I will be using an over flow box on this tank, is this advisable?
The 125 will be in our family room and the other 2 tanks will be directly below in our unfinished basement with the basement sump close by,so I'm not too concerned about water spillage. Ill be putting ball valves on the output side of the 125 and 55 and a check valve on the return of the sump, are any other considerations I need to account for?