Wecolme to the Sacramento Aquatic Plant Society(SAPS)

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Welcome all!
This club is dedicated to promoting all aspects of aquatic plant horticulture,m whether you just like tog row, or enjoy the more passive low tech methods, DIY, or are more focused in the scaping and artistic elements with higher light and CO2 injection.

We meet once a month, generally at a Pizza place and the club has grown a fair amount here recently. We generally meet the first Wed of the month at 6 pm right now(this may change).

Due: free!!!

We raise money for the club via group sales or plant sales drives. This way no money comes directly out of anyone's pocket, we have plenty of plant trimmings and cuttings and these can be sold on the net or to LFS's for $.

We have a monthly plant swap, no cash is exchanged, only plants. More experienced members have plenty of plants to offer to the newer members and this allows good advice on culture and prevents "collectoritus", a disease many are inflicted with because they afraid they will not find a plant again and want to keep it. With the club, if you want to try out a particular plant again, just ask a member that keeps it and we can generally get you some. no need to keep 50 species in a 10 gallon tank!

As you gain experience, you can help other new folks, start bringing the excess plants to the club etc.

That's the only payment we ask!
Not a bad deal huh?

We do group buys for fertilizers and other rare plants, shrimps etc.
We have all the local resources for CO2 and lighting equipment and
I will tell you all a secret!

You will learn 10X more in person than you will on the web by being involved wityh a plant club vs reading on line.

You likely sit in front of computer screen too much as it is:)
So come on out and join!

Tom Barr


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Jan 24, 2005
Sacramento, CA
The next meeting is November 18th, at the Roundtable Pizza at 8760 La Riviera Drive. at 6:30 pm. No presentations, unless someone just wants to stand up and talk about something. We will enjoy our pizza and talk aquatic plants, bring and give away any extra plant cuttings we have, and maybe figure out the best way to handle the PAR meter the group will have, once we share the cost with Tom.