Wattley discus


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Mar 10, 2010
Western New York
Discus are great! They are the reason I got into planted aquaria. I wanted to keep the nitrates down in my 55G discus tank.
At one point, I had it heavily planted with 12 discus. WC every 2-3 days. Lots of frozen foods and tetra bits.
I had a pair spawning in the leaves of my amazon sword every 2 weeks.


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May 21, 2010
I have 10 adult discus in a 150 gal. tank and four of them are pairs that lay eggs rather consistently. One of these days I'll get around to rasing some fish just for kicks....they're pretty amazing parents. My fish certianly have a pecking order but there is minimal aggression in my tank. While many would disagree, I find that feeding my fish quality blackworms (washing them and keeping them clean is a necessity) really makes a big difference in their overall health, appearance, and behavior--my Discus are constantly hunting and are very active. They're my aqua-dogs and are always eager when anyone approaches the tank. I find the social nature of these fish and their curious natures to be very rewarding. While many say that they're delicate fish and that they're hard to keep, I think that many initial problems stem from poor quality, young fish, that are sick and stunted to begin with. I also have a number of corries, cards, and clown loaches that share the same home, along with a bristlenose plec, which makes hardcore keepers grimace with pain. I don't have any problems. I do water changes twice a week and run two large canister filters (FX5 and Ehiem 2080). Good food, good water and the proper temp go along way with these fish. I think the main key in reducing headaches with these fish is taking the time to pick good fish that display good confirmation and behavior from the start. White feces can be generally cured by raising water temp to 88 to 90 degrees for a short time, but, with good fish you should not have to worry about it....keep epsom salts handy for constipation and digestive issues as changing food can stop these guys up rather easily. This inital cash outlay for qualtiy fish is more than other species, but in my opinion, nothing else really compares.

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I fully agree with you. I just picked up 3 more from wattleys in prep for moving them to my 210. Yes they are the aqua dogs. Some I can even pet. I also agree with the Blackworms and high quality frozen food. Mine also like the algea wafers from omega. Biggest problem is that people will buy a 1.5 to 2 in fish for 25 bucks from the store and expect it to do well. When they are that small they get stressed very easily and will have health issues. At that size w/c every other day are a must and so is beefheart or Blackworms. The other problem is that most Lfs do not k ow how to take of them. So u end up getting a stunted I'll fish.

Spend the dough and buy from a breeder.

The discus were my wife's idea. At this point I joke that it would have been cheaper getting her diamonds!


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Aug 19, 2010
Agreed,would always seek out breeder of these fish even if cost of shipping and fishes were more expensive. Can't say I would recommend Blackworms but to each their own.
Fish store Discus with few exceptions , already have a handicap and are often poor specimens from the ouset (culls).


I was looking at pics of my fish from last august to now and my discus have gone from 2.5 -4 inches to 5-7 inches in one year. w/c 3 times a week and blackworms at night, mysys in the morning. RODI water.

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Jan 23, 2005
If you can get them on frozen foods like mysid shrimp, that's among the best. If the worms are too much, try the live brine + other frozen foods. They will eat it.

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Oct 28, 2020
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Of course this is a much older post, but i must say i enjoyed reading through it. Most of the information isn't new to me but its really expands my ideas of keeping discus happy and healthy and really has given me the urge to start another new aquarium! haha :)