Waterbox 4820 - Dragon Scape


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Sep 20, 2008
Hi everyone! Wanted to start up my journal for my Waterbox 4820!

First off - here's the full scape as of last night - I plan to flood the tank today and do a dark start while I shop for plants.

Tank specs:

Tank: Waterbox Clear 4820

Lights: 2x Kessil A360x Tuna Sun in the limited white housing (thanks Neptunes!) and wifi dongle

Filters: sunsun HW-3000 and sunsun HW-302 canister filters

Heater - Hydor eth-300 inline heater (300W)

CO2- concoa dual stage regulator with ideal needle valve, 5lb tank and diffused using nilocg inline co2 reactor

Dosing - ATI DP6 auto dosing pump

Flow - Ecotech mp10

Plan for planting will be a Brazilian style aquascaping, using stem plants.

Dragon rock work: I glued together the dragon stone using thin super glue and cigarette filters.


In tank: I filled up some mesh bags with lava rocks to help get a super steep slope - the slope rises to about 14-15 inches at it's highest point so the bags really help keep the aquasoil hold the shape, and prevents a ton of anaerobic bacteria build up from such a deep layer.


Under cabinet shot of all the equipment, I tried to go for as clean a look as possible. I built a box to stuff all the wires in and used hole saws to drill through the cabinet to route all the cables.


Lastly, here's a wide shot!


Thanks for looking!

Beau Ranheim

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Aug 15, 2020
Great looking set up. I am looking to set up a low tech tank in the near future. How satisfied are you with Waterbox? Looking to set up a peninsula style so I don't know if they make stands for that but the aquariums look excellent.