Water Testing

Lori B

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Feb 12, 2019
North Carolina
i know it's important to monitor our water parameters, but there are so many tests it's mind blowing. I've been told to get a master test kit and I'll be fine. Other people say that the master kits don't test for enough compounds to give us a good idea of what our water condition is. What individual tests are to our best advantage to use to have our plants in the best condition?


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Jul 13, 2017
Arnold, MD
API master test kit has NH3, NO2, & NO3. The pH test kits I've never used, purchased a pH pen I can calibrate.
Additional API that I use are GH, KH, PO4, and Ca.
A TDS pen that came paired with the pH pen I mentioned above, about $20 US from the "Bay".
Purchased a Hanna checker for Fe, reads up to 5ppm Fe, Fe being the indicator for micro solutions. $50 US

I don't test water very often, over time we learn how to dose our tanks.
I make it a point that once per month I test everything on one of my tanks.