Water Parameters New 60l Tank


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Sep 21, 2020
Hello I planted new tank its medium to heavy planted... Its almost 3 weeks old now
Using RO WATER with remineralization minerals GH/KH+ (2 g on 10l for 300microsiemens)

Tank 50l
Using Tropica Specialized every second day
Water changes every second day about 40 to 50%
Lights chihiros Vivid 2 on 20—30%(30watts) for 8hours with ramp time 1h
I dose after every big water change easylife bacto strart...

And my water parameters first week and half were:
KH 2-3 dkh
PH 6.2 - 6.4
TDS 135 ppm
CO2 12-14mg
Mg 3-6
No3 15-16

Second week:
No3 40-50
Ph 6.2 6.4
Kh 2-3
TDS 250ppm
My question is why is my KH always low is it because its new tank... And my co2art drop checker it shows the good amount of co2 (lime green) if its cranked up to 1-2 bbps isnt that too much on this small tank?
Should I meddle with the parameters should I leave them be because I have cherry 3 shrimps and 3 nerite snails to eat the algae
Sunsun hw3000 (on 1 speed setting )
+ Skimmer hang on filter
4kg seachem matrix and ceramic rings