Water level alarm?


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida
So, this morning while I was waiting the 30-40 minutes for the tank to refill after the weekly WC, I decided to post some replies on this forum.

Bad idea, as I soon lost track of time and realized suddenly:

'Hey, wasn't I filling the tank before? Why don't I hear anything?'. Cue ominous music....

As you can guess, I overfilled and am cleaning up now. Not too bad, but I guarantee I will be replacing the carpet under the tank when I leave this apt lol.

Most of it was captured in the bottom of the stand due to the way it is built, but it definitely hit the carpet underneath by soaking thru the thin bottom, as the carpet around the tank to about 6-12" is squishy...

Could have been worse......I think about 10-20?? gallons in all.

Going now to get a small wet/dry vac......

Question, any way to hook an audible alarm or auto shut off valve when filling? I have a wet/dry sump so this filled before overflowing. I have about 10 gallons extra capacity in the sump, so plenty of room for some type of switch, but how to connect to tap?

I have a direct connection from the tap via a flex hose to the tank. I use some hardware to connect the flex hose to the tap threads for easy removal/assembly. Not a permanent connection........... I use a spare pump to drain, and it is impossible to fully drain the way it is used, so no issue there........

How do you guys do it?

I usually am watching it while I prune, but tank did not need maintenance today and I spaced out.........

Hope the replies I gave during this time were helpful lol

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
I use to clean carpets for a living(one of the poorer paying jobs I've ever had:)
I'd pull that carpet back and let the foam and the backing ait out for 1-2 days at least, then lay back down.

That should dry it pretty good.
If it's ever black etc on the backing, use a mild bleach solution/H2O2 to kill the bacteria.

Pet urine issues where a favorite and we made good money when we found that.
Oh those fun jobs of yesterday:D

Tom Barr


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida
Thanks Tom and Ardell..

Either one would work.


re: the carpet. It is the carpet UNDER the stand that will be ruined and I cannot do anything about :) If you figure out a way, then bless you sir!

The rest as you say can be peeled back to dry and clean.

Thanks to both for the tips and links......

P.S quick search on the 'screamer' indicates out of stock or no longer available by many on-line retailers........


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May 7, 2007
Rochester, Michigan
Hey Gerry,
If one alarm is good, two is better right? You could tap into your sump at the high water mark with a bulkhead fitting and send the overflow to a "dry bucket" with another alarm in the bottom. One of those cheapy ones they use for under sinks etc.
In my setup I tapped a bulkhead fitting at the high water mark of the sump then plumbed that to a drain. -Aaron


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Feb 21, 2005
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Got this idea from a talk by Ted Judy of the ACA last month. He recommended there are bath tub water level alarms. I have been googling today and came up with this one, on amazon for $15 .

Starfish Bathtub Alarm - No more tub overflows
Amazon.com: Starfish Bathtub Alarm - No more tub overflows: Baby

There is one more like what Ted showed made by Maxim called a Tub Basin Water level Alarm, see it F/S for $15 in australia but not here. It has a suction cup.

I searched onlines sites for Home Depot , BB&B and lowes and don't see it there.

Trying the starfish , flooded the living room (Tile) 3 times in last 3 months.