Water Flow (in regards to BBA)


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Sep 13, 2009
Kettering, Ohio, United States
I didn't want to hi-jack Jerry's other thread but wanted to get the opinion of people.

First off, completely disregard the scape in the picture. It's not scaped that way today.

This is a 125g, my overflow is on the left and I have two returns coming from a Mag 1800 (sump). I have a MP40 on the right set at 4. I get BBA on the the two pieces of wood and a bit on slow growing plants.

  • How/Where would you point the two return lines? Looking for direction and height.
  • Would you bother using the MP40? If so where would you put it?
  • Would you make sure one of them is providing surface ripple? Or not worry about it since I have the overflow/sump.

My CO2 PPM on charts and from testing is high (7.3ish to 6ish pH drop at 4.5kH) enough. My PAR for those wondering is currently around 60 at the substrate.