water cloudiness


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Mar 22, 2007
Widnes, Cheshire, UK
Ok guys, I'm a bit puzzled now.

I was having problems with water cloudiness after dosing ferts (in my 180 litre). So After messing and re-arranging a little I decided to pop in a carbon filter for a few days ( Iuse the PFK nano filter filled with carbon for ad-hoc carbon filtration).

Water clarity was great and the tank looked ace. So I did a large water change and dosed my trace elements for the tank.

I'm dry dosing 1/4 tsp of trace element powder (from AE) into a jug of 500ml tank water ten adding it to the tank. From then on the hazinness came back. Aside from the water conditioner thats all that was in the tank.

So, my conclusions are.

1. I'm dosing the wrong amount of trace

2. Its the powder itself - either reacting with some chemical in the tank or its own constitution.

3. forget dosing trace and K separately and switch to tropica plant nutrition instead. (I dont need to dose phos as my tap water is loaded with it !!! I have plenty of KNO3 dry powder and havnt had any problems with that)

I would appreciate some advice/opinion

ps. I popped some pics of my 60 litre onto my photobucketif you want a quick peek.. will be putting more pics on soon!


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Jan 12, 2007
Dorset, UK
realllly nice tank :)

im not sure why youve got cloudy issues, but i can vouch for Tropica plant nutrition, that stuff really sorted me out, big time :) i love it