Water changes provide enough nutrients?

George Farmer

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Sep 6, 2006
Stamford, Lincs, UK
Background - I've been getting a fine brown hair algae infestation in my 3 gal. nano. It's due to neglect over the last couple of weeks; lack of water changes, poor CO2 and dosing etc. Algae punishes the lazy. :eek:

Anyway, I've removed all the HC as it was choked. I'm doing 75% daily water changes, 50+ppm CO2 and it's clearing up nicely. My hairgrass is going mad.

My question - I've swtiched from RO to my tap. It is hard (KH 7, GH 13) and loaded with NO3 and PO4. With my daily water changes, and soon to be every other day at 50%, is there any need to dose ferts at all? Just keep CO2 up? How about Fe and K? I guess I need a tap water analysis from the water board.