Want pictures for a book



Hi my friends. Im looking for pictures that you want to donate to my first book proyect. This book is mainly for Puerto Rico (spanish). I saw that here (PR) we dont have a good source of information in spanish also we dont have a quality book that explain part by part how to have a planted aquarium, mainly all books not have all the information compared to forums like this, not even the half. I have more than 3 years in planted aquarium, experiment EI, El Natural, now with dutch scape and Amano's scapes, emmersed culture, be on more than 5 forums (spanish and English), I have a spanish forum and had a club etc... I have 18 planted tanks. Also read 4 books and now reading Barr reports. I really see that people in Puerto Rico need a good guide to planted tanks ( I personally spend money and time because of ignorance in my beggining), so I took the desicion to make the book. It will take for me long months maybe a year to make because I have others things to do in my life:D. I just will write from my experiences and research (only the basics). A fast calculation the book will have 50 write pages minimum without pictures, so it will have more than 100 pages when it is completed. if you want to help and have your picture with your name in a book, only send the picture to my PM.

Then I will choose from pitcures that was sent.

I only can promise that i going to make a book. Publishing or selling not is in my mind now.

Questions or doubt can pm me.

Brian soto