Venturi reactor discovery perhaps?


Junior Poster
May 26, 2009

I'm using a powerhead with suckers on the back so I had to have the flow coming in from the side. Not really sure if that makes much difference because you must use an elbow if you come in from the top so you don't blast your gear out of the bottom of the tube. I havn't compared the two so if someone has and can chime in as to why it doesn't work then I'd like to hear it.

So you know that polyurethane CO2 friendly tubing (so they claim) that's coiled up and when you roll it out it just wants to coil up again? Yep you do!

Well you take a piece of that and cut it at a length thats longer than the length to your venturi entrance on your reactor.

Guess what? Give up? Well now that piece of hose wants to curl up towards the top of the reactor. Now you can push and pull to the desired length to drasticly decrease the boot up time of the reactor. Just make sure you keep a decent enough size bubble at the top to keep the reaction going. It really enables you to fine tune it a little more.

Not sure if this has any side effects and I couldn't see any but again I'd like to hear from one of the more experienced on that.