UV usage?


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Jan 15, 2009
Given some of my recent woes and an article I was reading from D. Walstad I'm giving consideration to at least occasional UV usage.


If I were to use a UV sterilizer with my wet/dry, where would I plumb this in? Presumably on the return side? I don't see how that would allow any UV to get the bacteria in question though as the film would likely just build up in the sump on the wet/dry away from the sterilizer. I'm not even sure what's hitting my cardinals would be touched by this but I was thinking maybe using the UV periodically, or at least for a week or two when new fish get added to the tank as a way to try and level the playing field as it were.




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Jun 21, 2009
Surprise, AZ
To UV Or Not To UV, That Is... Well, Up To You

Hi S,

While I seriously doubt your situation with the Cardinal Tetra’s is anything a UV-sterilizer would have prevented or helped eradicate. I am a fan of UV, especially with big messy carnivores.

I think 4-6 hours every day or every other day, especially after water changes of a properly sized UV-sterilizer, giving you enough “dwell” time is great.

I run mine on separate loops.

Obviously different situation different benefits, I think this is one of those things that is for the critters.