UV light causing bubbles in water?


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May 21, 2006
Dallas, TX
I have a Quiet1One 4000 driving water into an OceanClear mechanical filter with built-in UV, from there it goes through an inline heater and back into the tank. I don't run the UV much, but have been running it recently due to a large algae outbreak that I believe was caused by too many nitrates from overfetilization once I brought phosphates under control with increased water chagnes.

I have the intake setup as an adjustable skimmer which has caused it to suck in air in the past, but I have it almost entirely under water and yet it's still spewing lots of air bubbles from the return. Could this be from the UV light? I don't smell ozone, but have read about oxidation/reduction being related to UV in some way. I noticed it after I changed the filter cartridge and initially attributed it to air trapped in the filter element, but it continues (though it varies). I see no air trapped in the heater module, and have tried venting air from the OceanClear. It may be normal, but I wanted to ask.

I should note I've begun using Flourish Excel as part of the algae solution.

Any thoughts?