Using Kent Pro clear and fertilizer


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Mar 13, 2007
I just planted up my 135gal tank for the first time while doing a 50% WC.

After finishing I mixed the ferts in 6-cups of tank water and dosed.

Then refilled the tank with water.

The aquarium was cloudy due the large planting project so I thought to give it a boost of clarity with the product "Kent Pro Clear".

Does "Kent Pro Clear" water clarifier inhibit the use of dry fertilizers?


Ferts used:

1. CSM+B - 3.0grams
2. KNO3 - 4.0grams
3. K2SO4 - 2.0grams
4. KH2PO4 - 0.3grams

Professor Myers

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Aug 24, 2006
16 is designed to remove particulate turbidity so yes to some degree it may depending on the short term solubility of those nutrients ? and depending on the polymer process used it could also chelate those nutrients in the same manner.

Personally I shy away from adding/contributing artificial polymers and esters to a living enviornment...But Hey ! That's just Me. ;)

"Natural" Aquarium........"Artificial" Polymer. :eek: Notice anything ?

Be Patient. Fast is not always Best ! HTH. Prof M

FYI: This IS In Fact Novalek/Kordon Trans Clear in niffty new Kent packaging.