Using A Canister Filter. I Have Questions??


Feb 3, 2017
I didn't see a section on Filtration, so I'll give this section a try.

I've never used a canister filter before. I purchased an Eheim pro 4+350 for a 40 gal tank a while ago and I'm ready to give it a try.
I have some concerns before I set it up.

Please answer each question separately so I don't miss any thing. Thanks...

#1 If the power goes off for lets say an hour when using a canister filter is there any thing I need to do once the power comes back on?

#2 If I use a Hydor inline heater and the power goes off and then comes back on and the filter doesn't turn back on will the heater break? The out flow tube will still have water in it so the heater will still be in water. But if the heater is on for a while and they're isn't any water flow I don't know what to expect?

#3 I'll be using an inline CO2 reactor so this question goes a long with the heater question. When the power goes off and starts up again and for some reason the filter doesn't start up again the CO2 reactor will start to fill up with CO2. So once I restart the filter a lot of CO2 will be in the reactor. Will this cause a problem?

I'm using a HOB filter now and when ever my power goes off it doesn't start up again. I have to push the impeller with a toothpick to get it restarted again This happens every once and a while. I'm hoping that the canister filter will start back up by its self?

If I've missed any thing let me know..

Thanks for the help every one...