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Sep 23, 2007
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Hi all,

Here are some links that have proven useful to me in the past. No special order.....

Feel free to PM me with any others. I will then organize and repost/edit so the thread isn't cluttered with many replies........


AH supply lighting kits

Compact Fluorescent Lighting Kits

Current lighting Home - I went with them

Outer Orbit HQI | Current What's Next

Aqualight Home

Aquatic and Reptile Lighting Solutions -

Algae id - visited many times!

Aquarium Algae ID (updated)

Dwarf cichlid forum -south american and african - good info

Apistogramma Forums - The Dwarf Cichlid Connection - Powered by vBulletin

Co2 regulators.

SuMo CO2 Regulators for Planted and Reef Aquariums - Home - I went with them

Welcome to Rex's Guide to Planted Tanks

Substrates - this one link has just about every popular type...

Substrates : Aqua Essentials

Fertilizers - I use these as do many here

Planted Aquarium Fertilizer

Loc Line - used as a pump return line with different configurations - ordering as we speak! - Loc-Line Modular Hose

Mazzei Injectors - used to mix c02 into the water. Ordering now....

How a Mazzei® Injector Works - Mazzei Injector Corp

Good site on aquatic mosses - would love some of these............

Aquatic Moss. How to grow Aquatic Moss. Info on Java Moss, Christmas Moss, Taiwan Moss, Peacock Moss, Stringy Moss

Overflow info

Durso standpipes - for overflow intakes - helps reduce waterfall effect and subsequent c02 loss.

Durso Standpipes :: OnLine Store

Overflow pipe Hofer urgle buster for quieter intakes

Hofer Gurgle Buster Construction

I'm sure I have more, but these have proven useful to me in the past.

Big Al's is a good source for additives, Prime, Tropica Master Grow, etc.

#1 Big Al's Aquarium Supplies: Fish Tanks, Stands, Decorations, Accessories

Usually in stock, decent price, and delivery. No I don't work there or own stock.....

And last but not least :D

Hope this helps. Feel free to add any others..........

These are all favorites, so easy to save as such.....