Upgrading/and Nano Lighting

Nov 2, 2018
Belle River, Ontario
I am currently running 2 X Finnex Planted+ FugeRay over my Nano Planted (Fluval EBI Tank, only the tank itself, 11.9" X 11.9" X 13" Tall) and have decided I prefer a more modern look and lighting.

Running pressurized CO2, EI Dosing so output won't be the issue. Currently have a nice carpet of HC, Staurogyne, Buce and Blyxa and wish to keep it going...

The current lights are ok and doing their job, but it is becoming a pain to trim plants without moving, shifting or picking up the lights.

I have been looking at the Kessil pendant lighting (I will admit I prefer the pendant style look) and looking for a replacement for both Finnex...

Anyone have suggestions? Controllable (Dawn/Dusk) would be an added bonus.