Ug Iwagumi

Daniel Allen

New Member
Dec 9, 2020
Chicago, Illinois
Hello all,

Getting things set up for a new 45P Iwagumi style layout and I'd like to go pure UG on this one. There may be some detail plants like S. Repens or Hygro Chai but nothing that will make a big dent in nutrient uptake.

UG being a carnivorous plant causes me to hesitate about nutrient balances. I'll be injecting CO2 and running a Twinstar SM III on the tank, using Tropica powder type soil. If the plant mass is 80-90% UG is there even a need to fertilize? Is UG even known to absorb nutrients from the water column outside of CO2? Curious what your experiences with this plant have yielded and if anyone has run a high tech aquatic setup with only UG. Cheers,