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Trying Out The Non Co2 Method - Some Questions

Discussion in 'Non-CO2 Methods' started by ilaizm, May 30, 2018.

  1. ilaizm

    ilaizm Junior Poster

    Feb 23, 2009
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    3:24 AM
    I went through the Non CO2 methods sticky thread and I am interested in trying out that approach. The approach being discussed states that very few water changes are required. In my case, this will not be possible, I change 50% water on a weekly basis and would like to keep that schedule. In such a case, shouldthe Seachem Equilibrium and KNO3/KH2PO4 weekly doses be different to the amounts recommended in the article?

    Also, my tap water is very hard, in such cases, would you still add Seachem Equilibrium?

    I will only have Anubias and java fern in my tank.


  2. Allwissend

    Allwissend Article Editor
    Staff Member Lifetime Member Article Editor

    Jun 20, 2016
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    4:24 AM
    Hello ilaizm,

    you can generally start with half of the standard EI dose and reduce from there until you see problems. You can certainly couple Non-CO2 with weekly water changes, it's just that they are not a requirement from the plant growth point of view.

    If your water is hard already there is no reason to add S. Equilibrium (as long as you add K from the KNO3 part).

    Feel free to start a journal so you and we can follow your progress with the tank.

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