Trimming rotala macandra


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Nov 29, 2006
I planted some rotala macandra in my tank about 4 weeks ago. All the stems are almost to the water surface now (about 18" tall).

Just wondering the best way to trim these? Chop the tops (at the halfway point) and replant? Or chop the tops and keep the bottoms? At the point I cut the stem will that point develop multiple shoots?


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida
Hey Shane,

I would do both.

Take a couple of nice tops, strip the lower leaves and replant.

Take one of the better looking stems left from the topping procedure and stick these in the middle so they don't look all bare like charlie brown's xmas tree in comparison lol

Seriously though space them and ensure they all get good light/current.

This stem should in fact branch out where it was pruned. The topping will also do well and regrown roots.

You should see new growth within a few days if all is well.

Doing some of each will give you better survival odds and also show you the growth patterns of the plant........