Trimming Riccia


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Jan 2, 2007
In my tank I have somewhat of a ledge that I tied riccia to pieces of slate and laid them all out to grow. A couple of months later I had a most excellent lawn of riccia. Then I read that riccia should only grow to about 1/2" or it starts to rot on the bottom, so I decide to give it a trim. Sure enough, some of it is turning brown where it's tied down. I trimmed quite a bit of it and it's still taller than 1/2", but it looks horrible. Totally horrible. I'm thinking I need to learn a bit about trimming riccia.


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Jan 12, 2007
Dorset, UK
i wouldnt worry too much, itll grow back up very quick. if its too brown underneath to really make any good growth, replacing it all might be the way.. i woudlnt expect it to last forever tied down as its not its natural position.

I trim mine up weekly, so it looks more uniform.. as you can see, some of mine is probably 1.5 inches deep in places now, when it starts dislodging itself, ill just replace it with some more and start over.