Tom's internal venturi reactor and a 6ft tank...


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Apr 9, 2007
Hiya peeps,

I've just ordered a 2 way manifold for my pressurized CO2 setup; 2 needle valves, 2 bubble counters, 2 check valves...

My intent is to make 2 of Tom's internal venturi reactors; one on each end of my 6ft 125g tank. Would the standard sized ones be sufficient? Or should I make 2 larger ones, with the 6" long Viewtainers? I'm running 2.6WPG on this tank...
Rio 180 is the typical powerhead of choice for these right?

I had originally been using one of the commercially made knock-offs with the green tube and green sponge on the end and having read some of the threads here, I've determined that it's woefully undersized, let alone poorly designed.

I'm also on the fence on whether to go with the internal reactors, or going mist method with spray bars. Tank is filtered with a Fluval 404 at each end.

Thanks in advance. :)