Tom: How much is high PO4

m lemay

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Jan 23, 2005
After poking around I've seen reccomendations for more circulation and more po4 as a means of minimizing GSA. I went ahead and installed a spray bar across back bottom spraying across the substrate to the front, on a seperate powerhead, but I'm not sure how much PO4 to add.
GSA is the only algae I've ever had problems with. When you say high po4 will correct this, how high are we talking here? I always seem to get it on Anubias species and swords but to a lesser extent on old growth in other species also. I've been dosing my 4.4wpg, 30ppm CO2, 75g at 15-20 ppm nitrate 1.5-2.0 phosphate. How much more phosphate would you reccomend?

PS; I edited this post to keep it in context.