Tnc Estimate Index

Laurence Kettle

New Member
Jul 11, 2020
I have 125 litre tank. Using the calculator it suggest daily to dose 15ml per day. The label on the bottle suggest dosing 12.5ml three times a week will achieve hitting the index. Bit discombobulated with this. Please help , did I use the calculator alright?


Feb 24, 2019
Modesto, CA
Are you running co2?

The all-in-one fertilizers have to cater to many different tanks and conditions. So they are going to error on the lite side of dosing an aquarium. On the tanks that I watch where ferts are dosed using all-in-ones alot of the times they are dosing 3-4 even more times the recommended rate.

So I would put my money on the calculators being closer to what you would need to get to EI levels.

And I get right around 100 ml, give ore take a few ml's, per week depending on dosing regimen used with TNC Complete.

Keep in mind that the amount of fertilizer you use depends entirely on how much light, co2, plants, fish, etc. you have in the tank.

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