Tiger lily wilting away


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Jan 21, 2007
My planted tank has been stable for 4 yrs now. Occasional BBA on slow growers but that's it.

All water parameters have been stable for 3 years. EI dosing for maconutrientswith Seachem Flourish, Flourish Iron and Excel (to control BBA- only add 10ml per water change in 6*2*2 ft tank 50% weekly water change, 30ppm CO2 based on drop checker ,metal halides and T5's 8 hrs /day ( but MH only on for 4 of those hours).

Problem i have is my much loved Red Tiger Lily is slowly wilting away. It's been growing in my tank for 4 years now. I noticed the central part of the leaf loses its shine, that gradually spreads to most of the leaf until it disintegrates and i pick up the scaps from my filter intake.
I used to let the plant grow emersed where it would flower. Problem was though it would reduce my circulation so have been pruning it to keep submerged.

Is this like crypt rot? Anyone had this experience and advice would be much appreciated.

Residents bristlenose rainbow gouramis and red jewell cichlids. Once again these residents been in tank for 4 years.

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Mar 15, 2010
I have a Red Tiger Lilly growing in my 65 gal african tank. The plant has taken over half my tank and continues to expand. I dose daily with Excel and this does not seem to damage the plant in any way. The tank has Aqua-Soil substrate a good amount of light. In addition I dose weekly with micro-nutrients and flourish. Every week I also clip off the older leaves and do an 85% water change.
My Pelvichromis have made caves under the plant in which they breed regularly.
I am certainly not an expert... just lucky. Maybe if you clip off the older leaves before they start to disintegrate you'll get more new growth.
All the best!


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Jul 6, 2009
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A lot of people that fight BBA with Excel use a higher dosage. It's typical that higher dosage that makes the damage or when the Excel hits the leaves when poured into the tank.


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Jan 5, 2009
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If it looks like, tastes like and sounds like deficiency...

Hi dutchy,
This plant may or may not have a hard time with Excel, but Laka is only adding 10mL with the water change to a water column of about 155 gallons. That is not a lot of Excel. The levels you refer to max out at 5mL/10 gallons. The only problem with dosing Excel (75mL/day at the max dose for this tank) is it costs a fortune dosing larger tanks. I personally would have a hard time with dumping 1/3 of the bottle into the tank during a water change. This looks more like a nutrient/CO2 deficiency.

Laka -
You must have started with a great substrate. Just a quick look at nutrient value of one SeaChem product you mention suggests you are not anywhere close to EI levels for your macro nutrients. Adding 250mL of SeaChem flourish to a water column of 670 L will give you ~1.19 ppm Fe, but basically no NPK. Consider getting CSM+B for your micros and for your macros KNO3 and KH2PO4. Tigers may also like added potassium. So, some K2SO4 (potassium) would do them some good.

After 4 years a lot of the other plants have established themselves and are competing for nutrients/CO2. As plants grow in they also restrict the flow of nutrients. So, look at flow patterns and prune all your plants back heavy. I also think you are under dosing, but without knowing how much product you add it is hard to say. What/how much fertilizer are you adding? You might try daily dosing Excel, improving water flow/CO2 and increasing NPK levels.
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Jun 21, 2009
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K You Say of the LushPlant MPK's

Hi Laka,

I agree with Tug. :eek:

If I did not know better than to diagnose plant deficiencies, I would say that plant is screaming for Potassium and probably all the macronutrients. ;)

In addition, it appears it desperately wants to surface; those do not look like “submerged” leaves to me. Desperately wanting to surface after having happily living submerged is a strong indicator that the plant thinks it is going to die and wants to flower one last time. :gw

Good luck,