Thrive C 'low Tech'

J Kallemba

New Member
Dec 30, 2018
Hi everyone. So I am relatively new to this but am a gardener that understands (well enough) the math and chemistry involved here. I am debating two routes for my low tech tanks. After some trial and error I'd like to either try Todd Barr's method with Seachem Equil (I already own like a lifetime supply for my tiny tanks) and the macros, or I also saw Thrive C. It seems like a sort of "for dummies" fertilizer that simply lowers macros and adds some micros and claims to have a mysterious source of carbon (I guess some sort of vitamin c?). For my needs, I'm all for the "dummy" version. I just want something that I can be consistent with. I am on a well so I use RO water and bring kh/gh to 5. Ph ends up being around 7.4. Ideas!? I have mostly easy plants with a good fish load. I'm also open to going the dry fert route. I just want something I can count on that probably is lower in available nitrogen to account for the fishies. Thanks.