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This has helped me. New B to New B's

Discussion in 'Are you new to aquatic plants? Start here' started by firemedic269, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. firemedic269

    firemedic269 Member

    Sep 25, 2012
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    9:55 PM
    Every time I read these forums I feel Like I am back in a chemistry or biology class. :confused: This is not a big problem for me personally because I liked chemistry. But It has been a long time. :D I am doing my best in trying to learn all of the chemicals and plant names. I know this just takes time, and I am ok with that. I actually think this entire hobby is really interesting and fun. I have learned a ton in a short period of time. I have found an aquarium encyclopedia which has great info in it. It has fertilizing, substrate, plants, tank set up, ect... It also has a very large selection of photo's , descriptions, and stats of aquarium plants. When I see a plant name I don't know, I pull it out and BAM! There is a handful of info on it. I am using the iPhone app for barrreport, so it is easy to just Google stuff, but it is nice to have it in a book. I guess I still like paper. :gw

    Anyways, take it or leave it. This has helped me, and I just wanted to pass it along.

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