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Jan 29, 2005
I know this is always a hot topic. Skimming a macroalgae tank.

Last night I thought it was time where I could turn off the skimmer for good. Growth is good, plant mass is good and all is well. My skimmer hasn't been collecting anything for weeks.

So I get home from work and the tank is looking a bit raggy. There's a fair amount of small particles in the water and also what appears to be microbubbles. The macros just don't seem to look like they've lost some of their vibrance.

What gives? I can't think why skimming would help this type of tank. Is it because the setup is still in the maturing stage?


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Jun 4, 2006
Maybe it's because you got so much algaebiomass that the watercirkulation alone cant bring enough CO2 from the air? Maybe increasing cirkulation could help if you turn off the skimmer.. Just my guess though.