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Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
In helping new aquatic plant hobbyists learn about horticulture, engineering and art and perhaps a dozen other skills sets, we help to promote the next generation of hobbyists and expand our beloved hobby.

Folks have helped you, many folks have helped me, it's part of the deal to return the favor one day.

If you are starting out, please remember that help is offered for free and to recall this day when you see another new planted hobbyists starting out and asking for help.

This is how you repay the help we all receive.

Please do not let planted tanks intimidate you, they are highly addictive and there are many methods to suit anyone's taste and goals. Asking good questions, often which are the simple obvious ones is a good idea.

But make sure you look around and check before asking a question that's been asked 100 times already, you will get a faster more in depth response by reading what's been posted prior than asking a new question.

There is no tank that cannot gain some benefits from plants, this includes brackish, marine and high fish loads, plant eating fish even(like a Fresh water refugium plant filter outside the main tank).

If you are not the type to give up easily, then this is a verty rewarding hobby.
Happy plants = happy fish, keep that in mind as you wonder into this varied hobby.

Tom Barr
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