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Mar 12, 2009
So I figured it'd be worth starting up a thread full of nothing but relatively science-minded and reference related links. So often we find links that we don't find worthy of their own large write-up and thread, or don't find the time to do the writeup, but they are never the less a good reference or read. If you post a link here, I will add it to the OP list. As the list grows I will categorize the links.

I recently lost my bookmarks, so there aren't as many links as I hoped to start this thread with, but never the less, here we go:

C4 Acid Metabolism and Dark CO2 Fixation in a Submersed Aquatic Macrophyte (Hydrilla verticillata)
A. Scott Holaday and George Bowes:
C4 Acid Metabolism and Dark CO2 Fixation in a Submersed Aquatic Macrophyte (Hydrilla verticillata) -- Holaday and Bowes 65 (2): 331 -- PLANT PHYSIOLOGY

CSM+B/TMG/Flourish Comparison Chart:
Measuring CO2 levels in a Planted Tank

Measuring CO2 in the Planted Tank:
Measuring CO2 levels in a Planted Tank

Standard Tank Dimensions:
Standard Tank Sizes

Seachem Iron Gluconate Debate:
Iron gluconate

The EPA Ecotox Database:
EPA: Welcome to ECOTOX

A LONG paper on CO2 and mineralization, part of the CATO project:
CO2 - CATO - Pagina niet gevonden

Some Basics on bryophytes by Wei Tan:

Tissue Analysis as a Measure of Nutrient Availability For the Growth of Angiosperm Aquatic Plants (Gerloff and Krohbolz, Dept. of Botany, University of Wisconson, Date Unknown):

Comparison of the Photosynthetic Characteristics of Three Submersed Aquatic Plants (Plant Physiology 1976 58, 761-768, Thai K. Van et all):

Exponential Growth Kinetics for Polyporus versicolor and. Pleurotus ostreatus in Submerged Culture. PAUL. A. CARROAD. AND CHARLES R. WILKE:

Molecular genetics of the carotenoid biosynthesis pathway in plants and algae. Joseph Hirschberg, Merav Cohen, Mark Harker, Tamar Lotan, Varda Mann:

Chronic toxicity of glutaraldehyde: differential sensitivity of three freshwater organisms (Larissa L. Sanoa, Ann M. Krueger, Peter F. Landrumb):

Monochromatic ultraviolet light induced damage to Photosystem II efficiency and carbon fixation in the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana (Joe Grzymski
∗, Cristine Orrico & Oscar M. Schofield)
SpringerLink Home - Main

Chlorophyll d: the puzzle resolved (Anthony W.D. Larkum and Michael Kuhl, TRENDS in Plant Science Vol.10 No.8 August 2005):
Redirection page

The Effects of varying ultraviolet-B radiation on algal growth of Douglas Lake in
Northern Lower Michigan (Jessica A. Darga, Meredith E. Dennis, Emma R. Volkman, and Avril E. Wiers):

The Ecology of Algae (Tryon, Clarence Archer, 1960):

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