The future of lighting?

George Farmer

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Sep 6, 2006
Stamford, Lincs, UK
I know there's some US LED models but here in the UK these are now coming out.

I wonder if they'll take off? I hear from the main investor (I bumped into him in my LFS) that the starting price is around £800. When you consider the MH equivalent is around half that I imagine that will be a stumbling block.

Something for the future perhaps, especially for the more ecologically minded.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
It'll be awhile before the cost drop, many have talked about this in the past.
There was a neat solar tube that sat on top of ther house that focused light into the tank via fiber optics. It was 3k$.

PC lighting was very high initially, same with T5, these prices are coming/have come down a lot.

Cars are the same way, dealer gouging is very common with the new nice sporty ones etc.

BMW is coming out with a H2 fuel 7 series that will do 184 mph.
Not cheap either:)

But the prices will drop there as well and same for Electrics, they will get much better and faster.

Tom Barr