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The Full Tank Shot Thread :)

Discussion in 'Off Topic and Chat' started by Jason King, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Jason King

    Jason King
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    Nov 20, 2011
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    9:30 AM
    Been a while since I posted anything aquarium related due to personal reasons but I have to say I do miss my aquariums :)

    Anyway Let's see those full tank shots.

    Post your past and present full tank shots.

    I'll start this off with a few of my past scapes

    ADA 60H over trimmed :) Hitech

    1200x600x450 Hitech

    1200x600x450 Lowtech

    The next tank is a juwel vision 180L corner tank that is not mine however I did Scape it, for my mum about -+12 months ago.. its lowtech that gets a cap of ferts once a week and a bi monthly water change.. it basically runs itself. Some algae issues at the very top closest to the lights (2x default juwel t5s) the reason I took this photo is that it will be closed down over the next few months due to a house move..

    Now let's see your full tank shots :)
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