The best present you could ever get ...

Greg Watson

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
United States
My private email InBox receives some of my favorite newsletters. One of my favorites is a Marketing Tip of the Week that I receive from one of my offline vendors, and I'd like to share it with you.

I'm giving YOU the same present I gave my son
when he graduated from college last year with
a degree in Marketing.

Here's an excerpt from a note I wrote my son when
he graduated from college in May of 2004…

"I owe a great deal to Dick Thompson. To start with,
he hired me. Then he gave me the opportunity to
run his company, and then to buy it. I learned a
number of life's lessons from Dick. But the most
important lesson I learned, long before it became
a buzz-word in education, was the value of life-time
learning - especially in two areas.

1. Attitude & Motivation
2. Skill & Knowledge you need to excel in your profession.

So, in the box you'll find 2 gifts.

1. A tape series from Zig Ziglar.
2. A subscription to [the] Inner Circle.

There are others who can give you similar information,
and you should study them.

Zig says, "If you offered me a million dollars for my
library, with the stipulation that I couldn't replace it,
I would turn you down."

Travis, based on the value of TMS, there is no doubt,
what I have learned from Zig, Dan, and others like
them has been worth millions of dollars to our family."