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Greg Watson

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Jan 23, 2005
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Re: The Barr Blog

underground said:
My registration email mentioned this- does anyone know what, or where it is?

The original Barr Report website was not intended to be an "interactive" website ... the BarrReport was originally intended to be a monthly newsletter, a website with supplemental articles, and it included a Blog which allowed Tom to post his thoughts ...

However ... the original site also included a comment/feedback system which was designed to allow feedback on articles ... but what happened, was a lot of people tried to use this "comment" sytem as a place to ask questions with the expectation of getting a "comment" answer ... often totally unrelated to the article :) ...

So while we never original intended to have an interactive website, our Subscribers essentially "turned" it into one (and the old site didn't have the tools to do that) ...

So ... we changed the format of the website to a forum based website ... and now Tom routinely posts his thoughts in the form of new threads here in the forums ... and in that transition, we sort of lost the Barr's Blog ...

We had "talked" about creating a *read only* Barr's Blog forum where Tom could post his "rants and raves" ... sort of his thoughts of the day ... but we had a number of subscribers who suggested both publically and privately that we needed to reduce the number of forums ...

This website will continue to grow and expand ... I have a number of new features and capabilities that I am working on integrating into the website ... and it will continue to change based on the wants and needs of our subscribers ...

I know this is a rather "long winded" history type answer ... but hopefully it will help answer your question ... with a why rather than a where !!!