Thank you Tom and others


Junior Poster
Jan 21, 2009

Thank you very much for the forum. I have been lurking here, just reading and studying. I had no idea I had so much to learn and that there are so many options.

I had tanks years ago and enjoyed them very much but gave up because I didn't understand what I was doing which led to a lot of work and fish and plant loss.

I have three tanks set up now with a very beginner level of plants. I can see where I will use different approaches in each tank due to size and lighting differences. I look forward to the changes I will be making over the comng months and can hopefully maybe help somebody else along the way. I am really glad to see that I don't have to do CO2 in each tank to have a decent plantscape. (Although I suspect I will suffer from flat substrate syndrome for some time. :) )

Please forgive me if I don't post often or respond to anybody's questions or comments right away. I've got a lot going on and only get to the pc in the morning for about 30 minutes.

Thanks again.