Test Kits


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Jan 4, 2009
Tom what test kits do you recommend for:


Strictly using them for reconstituting my RO water.

I will be adding CaCL2 and MgSO4.7h2O to up my GH and Baking soda to up my KH.

I've done the needed math to know that if I add 4g CaCL2 and 4g MgSO4 to my 5g of RO I should have a dGH of 5.44; also if I add 0.48 Tsp Baking Soda I will get 5 dKH.

I use RO as after the major flood last year the tap water is horrible. The wifes cats and rabbits won't even drink it. So I'm choosing to use RO. I have been using RO all along but have been having CRS deaths right after molt and some Ramshorns are starting to show etching of the shells. This is caused by the low GH/KH. It has happened more now that I removed the rock work from my small tank, ADA Mini M 5.15g, and put in a large chunk of wood.

I've vowed to never test this tank and haven't done so yet but wondering if I should use Test Kits to test the Reconstituted RO water or if the math alone is enough. I don't need super precise measurements just clsoe enough. Daily top offs will be done with plain RO water also.

I use the animals reactions to adjust everything from the CO2 and fert dosing is kept fairly light. With the shell etching on the snails I know I need to adjust the GH/ KH and this should help the shrimp also.

I got this method from Diana Walstad as its not suposed to change the PH using the CaCL2 and the MgSO4. The baking soda will have about a .7 effect on the PH so that is neglible in my opinion.

I've already ordered the CaCL2 and the MgSO4 from aquariumfertilizer.com so they should arrive this week.

Sorry for hte long ppost. :eek: